Reiki baby, Reiki father and Reiki mom, Pregnancy through Reiki Healing and Distance Attunement

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  Fitness, Weight Control, and Nutrition During Pregnancy covers everything you need to know about keeping yourself healthy during pregnancy.

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  1. Reiki can benefit you and your baby now and in the future.    
  2. This Universal Healing Energy is normally channelled through the Practitioner to Mom and Baby, wherever it is needed most.    
  3. However, you can receive the above listed benefits of Reiki without seeing a Practitioner by learning Reiki yourself or your husband.   
  4. You will learn to Give Reiki to yourself and the baby throughout labour and delivery.  
  5. for girls who suffer a lot from premenstrual pain and premenstrual tension, reiki is a bonus.  
  6. Reiki is very effective in relieving stress,   

·          healing emotional issues,  

·          aiding body detoxification,  

·          boosting the immune system,  

·          Increasing confidence and much more. 




66.    Reiki can work on a mental, physical and spiritual level, therefore making it a unique experience for each individual.  

67.    It can be used to safely treat new born, babies, children, pregnant women and the elderly, as it is free of side effects.  

  1. Reiki can be used simultaneously with other conventional therapies without adverse effects. Reiki can be used in the following conditions: 

·          While using medication  

·          While undergoing chemotherapy for cancer.  

·          While you have a cast of plaster of Paris.  

·          If your physician agrees to Reiki treatment while you are hospitalized.  

·          Along with other forms of healing that are complementary.  

·          While you are pregnant.  

  1. A daily self treatment can keep the person in maximum health and well being  
  2. as reiki mother you can Bless the food, drinks and medicines with Reiki to increase their vibration before eating and serving your baby. Giving Reiki to medicines before use can minimize their harmful side effects.   
  3. When a loved one is sick, your gift of Reiki will help him/her recover earlier.   
  4. Send treatment to a family member or a pregnant friend who lives a distance away. This requires Reiki Second Degree.   
  5. Use Reiki symbols for meditation before, during and after pregnancy to increase your spiritual abilities, and to increase the vibration of love and healing in your home.   
  6. Reiki is though not a medical system; it can virtually treat all the known ailments. At the physical level it can heal all types of pains and treat acute as well as chronic diseases. Reiki is known to have cured hypertension, cancer, heart diseases and arthritis etc. in addition to many of the less serious ailments. However, in certain cases it may be advisable to get regular medical treatment and use Reiki to support that for better and quicker results.   
  7. Reiki is Excellent to treat complicated diseases particularly where cause of the disease is not known.   
  8. It adjusts according to the needs of the recipient; increases body's natural healing abilities and balances body's energies. There is no over-doing in Reiki.   
  9. You can Use Reiki to improve your relationships with your children, husband friends, relatives and in-laws.   

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  10. For the people who are not apparently ill, a series of Reiki treatment sessions makes them more confident and balanced by making positive changes in their attitude and lifestyle. Reiki can thus bring them a happier and healthier life.   
  11. It creates decency in the general behaviour and makes a person more thoughtful. Helps in leaving bad habits.   
  12. Reiki can treat even those who are not physically present with us. This energy is not bound by time and distance, reiki energy can be sent to anyone no matter where the person may be living. This requires attunements for Reiki Second Degree.   
  13. Reiki can be effectively used to treat plants and animals also. It considerably improves their growth and health. When given Reiki, they enjoy the energy and express the joy in their own way.   
  14. Applying Reiki to the workplaces can create congenial atmosphere and improve the working efficiency.   
  15. Since the energy flows through the healer while giving a Reiki treatment, the healer automatically receives healing.   

84.    Reiki Works to help re-balance the body’s energy flow before and after the babies delivery, as the mother feels an emptiness after birth. 

85.    It releases emotional blockages and suppressed feelings in women who had to wait for years to get pregnant. 


86.    It creates inner peace, fulfillment, and sense of calm, balance and wholeness in your life during and after an unwanted pregnancy or after an abortion. 

87.    Reiki enhances personal awareness, increases or helps in developing intuitive capabilities and promotes connection to your Higher Self and Life Purpose 

88.      The Reiki Healing Benefits:   

·          Stimulates the body's self-healing abilities before pregnancy,   

·          Induces quality sleep when already pregnant   

·          Reduces blood pressure,   

·          Helps to relieve pain,   

·          Removes energy blockages,   

·          adjusts the energy flow of the endocrine system bringing the body into balance and harmony,   

·          Assists the body in cleaning itself of toxins,   

·          Supports the immune system,   

·          Produces a sense of vitality,   

·          Raises the vibrational frequency of the body,   

·          And Helps spiritual growth and emotional balance.   

89.    Reduces some of the side effects of drugs and helps the body to recover from drug therapy after surgery and chemotherapy.   

90.    When a person is in good health, regular reiki therapy can contribute to a more vital immune response as the body is able to direct it resources toward building up energy reserves which the baby in the womb needs for its proper growth. This will manifest itself as confidence and outward harmony in dealing with everyday events during the 9 months pregnancy.   

91.      You must always remember reiki  does not interfere with other health care or Medical treatment if you have fertility problems. It only promotes its results. 

92.    Reiki healing and Meditation helps you to reduce and leave completely the need for alcohol and tobacco during and after pregnancy. 

  1. Use of Reiki is not limited to what has been suggested above. If you can perceive what actually Reiki is, you can use it for much, much more without having to look for a list of its uses. The energy and its uses are not limited by our lack of ingenuity or imagination.  
  2. If you are interested in having the best pregnancy and birthing experience possible, call today or email me immediately for further information.   
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Dr anil kumar proag





 "Dear PAM, Thank you very much for the attunement. I would like to add that I have been attuned by three Masters before in the traditional manner, but your attunement felt the most intense. In fact, even as I type this, I can feel the energy on my crown Chakra, 7 hours later! In fact it has not really left me all day!" Thank you, and God Bless.KAMALA."

Dear Pam, I really wanted to help the sick all my life; I knew it was somehow going to be my destiny, to be able to help others in need. I may want to teach in the future, but for now, you have made my dream come true ... I just want to say "Thank you!" Now I am a Reiki Master Teacher. FABRINA

Dear master PAM, I have been practicing Reiki (Level I) for about 9 years and just last week I was attuned to the other levels by you and Master Premila. It was quite an intense week! I physically and emotionally felt the Energy you were sending. On one specific occasion, I awoke and found my hands vibrating." LEILA

I can feel the energy flowing through my body, and my energy channels opening to accept the reiki attunement. It is the most amazing sensation. My husband said my palms were hot and he could feel a tingling sensation from my hand." - PASCALLE

"My whole life has changed for the better after receiving Attunement from Master Pam and Master Premila. Since then I have given Distance Reiki to friends who were pregnant and they have felt a tremendous difference in their lives too." - JENIFER





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