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77 ways to use HON  SHA  ZE  SHO  NEN (HSZSN)

The 3rd Symbol for Distance Attunement and Remote Healing




It is not difficult to discover the various levels of existence in the meanings of this symbol. Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen makes the connection between Spirit and Body, heaven and earth, and is therefore known as 'The Bridge'. It travels through time and space to fulfill its function and is commonly known as the Distance symbol. You can heal absent persons with it or send energy to a situation or relationship. You can treat a cause rooted in the past with it, and it can change thought patterns (mental healing), what makes it a perfect symbol for karmic healing. Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen connects your higher self with the higher self of the one you send energy; 'The Divine in me greets and honors the Divine in you' and this really is the best approach we can take towards our fellowmen.  


HON= Spirit, Source, Origin, Universe, Strength of Mind 



SHA= Mind, Brain power, Intelligence, Awareness 



ZE    = Space, Be, Being, Hole, Be Alive, Be Present 



SHO= Feeling, Emotions, Sensation, Distant, perception 



NEN= Consciousness, Body, Attention, Absent, Realization 




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The How to, the When and the Who of HSZSN 


1.       Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen is the Distant Healing symbol.  

2.       Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen means “No past, no present, and no future”.  

3.       HSZSN means Freedom from delusion, limitation and Karma. 

4.       For any couple who is planning to have a child, it is important for them to get attuned to at least reiki level 2 and learn how to use HSZSN. 

5.       You can send healing to your unborn child who is in the past till you are ready to get pregnant and send healing to the future when you intend to get pregnant. 

6.       You can decide in which year you want to get pregnant and then send healing to your child in that year or then to be born. 

7.       With HSZSN, CKR, SHK, and HSZSN you can daily give healing for 10 minutes to your baby during pregnancy. 

8.       The father can send reiki healing to the mother and the baby at the time of delivery from any place in the world if he is not present by the side of his wife at the time of delivery. 

9.       If the baby has to stay in an incubator both the father and mother can send distant healing to their baby. 

10.    It can be used in every healing session from past and future aspects of any problem being healed.  

11.    Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen is used to send Reiki to others at a distance.  

12.    You can send healing and Attunements across the room or across the world.  

13.    With Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen you can send healing to any place in the world or any time zone.  

14.   This is Usui Reiki Distant Healing Symbol.  It is taught in level 2 and means May the Buddha in me connect to the Buddha in you to promote harmony and peace.   

15.    Pronounced Hon- Sha- Zee- Show- Nen, it travels unhindered through time and space.  It is most often used in distant healings and attunement.  

16.    It is a good idea to use a picture when sending healing or attunement to a distance to help you center in on the person that you are sending to.  

17.    Establish a connection using Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen and the persons Picture (best) or Name and description. 

18.    You can also Use a stuffed animal as a stand for the person you are sending healing to.  

19.    Draw Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen in the air above the stuffed animal, state your intent, wait for the energy to start flowing to connect and then do a standard healing. 

20.     Intent is very important for the sender and receiver 

21.    Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen helps you understand that time is just an illusion.  

22.    You can time your healings or attunements by stating the time you intend the healing/attunement to be received.  
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 "Dear PAM, Thank you very much for the attunement. I would like to add that I have been attuned by three Masters before in the traditional manner, but your attunement felt the most intense. In fact, even as I type this, I can feel the energy on my crown Chakra, 7 hours later! In fact it has not really left me all day!" Thank you, and God Bless.KAMALA."

Dear Pam, I really wanted to help the sick all my life; I knew it was somehow going to be my destiny, to be able to help others in need. I may want to teach in the future, but for now, you have made my dream come true ... I just want to say "Thank you!" Now I am a Reiki Master Teacher. FABRINA

Dear master PAM, I have been practicing Reiki (Level I) for about 9 years and just last week I was attuned to the other levels by you and Master Premila. It was quite an intense week! I physically and emotionally felt the Energy you were sending. On one specific occasion, I awoke and found my hands vibrating." LEILA

I can feel the energy flowing through my body, and my energy channels opening to accept the reiki attunement. It is the most amazing sensation. My husband said my palms were hot and he could feel a tingling sensation from my hand." - PASCALLE

"My whole life has changed for the better after receiving Attunement from Master Pam and Master Premila. Since then I have given Distance Reiki to friends who were pregnant and they have felt a tremendous difference in their lives too." - JENIFER





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