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Minimum Four Reiki Treatments  




Daily and frequent self healing Reiki treatments will bring about a remarkable transformation in you.  You will feel a NEW PERSON WITHIN YOU.  You will experience this change.  Others will notice it.  Reiki has an infinite wisdom of its own.  It has logic of its own.  It knows its destination and the route.  It knows the exact location of the cause.  It knows exactly what has to be done to bring a holistic balance in you.   

You should practice Reiki daily and often during the day and night.  It is harmless and cannot hurt anyone.  It does NOT destroy.  Instead, it builds and protects. When you become a First Degree Reiki 'channel', MAKE IT A POINT TO TREAT YOURSELF DAILY.  Then, if you have spare time, you can give a Reiki treatment to others today itself after your initiation as a reiki channel. 


As you keep treating yourself and others, gradually, 'miracles' will start to happen and many a deep and pleasant experience will come about through the Reiki energy flowing through your palms.  When 'miracles' happen, be calm, be humble and be modest.  The more Reiki you use, stronger and finer Reiki energy will flow through your palms.  Therefore, it is definitely advantageous for you to use Reiki as often as you can, to your personal benefit, and to that of others.   


Non-use of Reiki energy should not alarm you!  Once you are initiated as a Reiki 'channel', it remains with you always, all your lifetime, flowing silently, gently and powerfully.  It is as 'alive' in you as your own breath.  Reiki will 'pass away' with your last breath.  No one ever wastes a 'priceless' gift.  Everyone cherishes and makes good use of a priceless gift.   


Reiki is that priceless gift you are gifting yourself today if you come for an initiation. It takes between three to four weeks to be adjusted after a Reiki attunement.  In this period, the Reiki energy turns on at odd non-healing moments.  You will feel spacey or tingly, have intense dreams, or have detoxification process.  Running nose, diarrhoea, increased urination, release of mucus from upper respirator passages, headache, nausea, fever, are some of the symptoms you will experience.  STILL, YOU WILL FEEL WELL.   


What happens is, the Reiki energy is adjusting and balancing your body, and increases your capacity as a healer to channel Reiki energy?  Lots of Ki energy enters your aura and your body than ever before and the chakras while getting balanced are cleansed in the process.  If the detoxification process becomes uncomfortable, DO A HEALING on your own body or another person.  THIS REBALANCES THE ENERGY AND DECREASES THE DISCOMFORT.   After today's attunement, it is best to do many daily self-healings and treat others giving them many treatments too.  More Reiki treatments are the BEST REMEDY to handle the detoxification process.  Drink large quantities of water to help detoxification. 


In acute stages of an illness or when sudden illness appears, it is good to give treatment over the full body for four days in succession.  This helps the body to flush out poisons and stimulate it.  Chronic illnesses, however, need prolonged treatments and such patients are advised to receive Reiki 1 attunement to enable them to treat themselves regularly.  They can help themselves, and in addition, be a great help to other family members and friends, rather than depend on them.  Chronic cases need treatments daily, throughout their lives.  Reiki can transform your home into a place of love, happiness, harmony and understanding. CLICK HERE TO BE ATTUNED 




Every time you take or give a Reiki treatment you 'unlock' the inner flow of vital energy within you, and the patient, in every single tiny cell of your bodies.  Thus, by passing Reiki energy on to others, you yourself will be cleansed more and more and made whole and healthy.  Fundamental changes will set in and new things will start to develop.  You will find it easier to cast off old, outlived structures, and, you will notice that you are being led and guided more and more. 


You will gradually notice that trust will slowly begin to develop within you, trust in a wisdom and power that will pervade your whole self.  A new development will take place leading you to insight and knowledge, to a conscious sense of unity with the whole of creation.  


I also encourage you to keep speaking to Reiki constantly, as if you are intimately conversing with your mother.  You will be pleasantly surprised the way Reiki provides the answers, and help you solve your problems. Reiki is a God's gift.  The more it is used, the stronger the healer becomes, and the more benefits he brings to himself and others.  Use it wisely, frequently and well and be grateful to it; acknowledge it.  The best acknowledgment or expression of gratitude that one can think of is to USE IT DAILY.  There are greater and better benefits one gains when a student takes Reiki 2 and Three Degrees.   


Reiki is much more than a manual, workbook, class or seminar; it is a connection with the ever-flowing light energy of the universe.  Reiki, in and of itself, is the greatest teacher for those who are willing to listen and to learn.  Much more will be gained through your actual practice and experience as you move through life than could ever be written or described.   


REIKI is pronounced "Ray-Key". Rei is the Japanese word which means "Universal".  For us, it means "Spiritual Wisdom" or "Spiritual Power of God".  Ki is the Japanese word, which means "vital life force energy" or "Universal life force", which interpenetrates and connects all. 


Universal means including or covering all or a whole collectively or distributive without limit or exception; present or existing everywhere; existent or operative everywhere or under all conditions; comprehensively broad or versatile; adapted or adjustable to meet varied requirements. 


Energy means the power by which anything acts effectively to move or change things or accomplish any results; the capacity of acting, or being active, natural power vigorously exerted. Vital means existing as a manifestation of life; concerned with or necessary to the maintenance of life; full of life and vigour; characteristic of life or living things; fundamentally concerned with or affecting life or living beings; as tending to renew or refresh the living; of the utmost importance, essential to continued worth or well-being. 


Many races, cultures and religions have always been aware of the existence of an energy which corresponds to the meaning of Ki. Thus, Ki is named: ‘Bioplasmic Energy’ by Russian Researches, ‘Chi’ by the Chinese, ‘Light’ or Holy Spirit by the Christians, and ‘Prana’ by the Hindus. 


All are the same basic energy, although the extent to which they are applied and the theories concerning them differ greatly. The basic conditions required for making use of this energy are also very different. Reiki is the force behind the Yin and Yang.  It is a whole and complete energy before the separation into duality.  This unique and powerful attribute is what enables the Reiki system to be used at any time, any place, and on any condition.  This vital flowing energy is the basis for the continuity of life as we know it. 


Reiki is the most simple and natural healing method.  The moment you are initiated as a Reiki ‘channel ‘concentrated’ vital life force energy will flow through your palms, of its own accord, and this 'gift' will be with you till your last breath. 


What exactly is this 'Universal Life Force Energy'?  The wise men of old and the scientists of today agree that a superior, intelligent force does exist - a universal spirit, which is continually creating the universe out of itself.  They tell us that there is a state of being which contains all creation and out of which all life arose.  The energy of this state of being lives in all things, and it is this 'Universal Life Force Energy’, which flows through your hands, in concentrated form, when you treat yourself, others, or anything with Reiki. 


Since Reiki means 'Universal Life Force Energy', it is the essence of life itself.  Hence, all are born with Reiki.  In Reiki, contact is made with this 'Universal Life Force Energy', which then works automatically to heal a person on all levels. And, to those who become Reiki 'channels' soon realise,  it is a priceless gift, an invaluable investment, for, it is everlasting, instantly available, reliable, soothing, and devoid of complications.   




Reiki helps to raise the level of your vitality for physical and mental health, as well as to enhance spiritual awareness.  In Reiki you become a 'complete whole'; a 'complete person'.  That means, you not only get a physical healing, but also a healing at the 'mental' and ‘spiritual’ level.  When you strike a balance between the physical, mental and spiritual levels, then you can say that you are a wholesome person, an unbroken circle.  Thus, what we activate in us through Reiki is the SPIRITUAL POWER OF GOD. 


The overall effect of Reiki is to help bring the body into a perfect balance so it can heal itself.  Moreover, this works as well as on your own self as it does with others.  However, work on yourself first.  You are the one who needs balancing.  You are always NUMBER ONE, and if you have spare time, treat your family members and then, your friends.  We first should love and heal ourselves, because we are only capable of giving to others what we would give ourselves.  This is the deeper meaning of saying 'LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF.' 





Dr anil kumar proag





 "Dear PAM, Thank you very much for the attunement. I would like to add that I have been attuned by three Masters before in the traditional manner, but your attunement felt the most intense. In fact, even as I type this, I can feel the energy on my crown Chakra, 7 hours later! In fact it has not really left me all day!" Thank you, and God Bless.KAMALA."

Dear Pam, I really wanted to help the sick all my life; I knew it was somehow going to be my destiny, to be able to help others in need. I may want to teach in the future, but for now, you have made my dream come true ... I just want to say "Thank you!" Now I am a Reiki Master Teacher. FABRINA

Dear master PAM, I have been practicing Reiki (Level I) for about 9 years and just last week I was attuned to the other levels by you and Master Premila. It was quite an intense week! I physically and emotionally felt the Energy you were sending. On one specific occasion, I awoke and found my hands vibrating." LEILA

I can feel the energy flowing through my body, and my energy channels opening to accept the reiki attunement. It is the most amazing sensation. My husband said my palms were hot and he could feel a tingling sensation from my hand." - PASCALLE

"My whole life has changed for the better after receiving Attunement from Master Pam and Master Premila. Since then I have given Distance Reiki to friends who were pregnant and they have felt a tremendous difference in their lives too." - JENIFER





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