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Reiki healing and Pregnancy  


Who can learn Reiki? Everybody can; one, who learns Reiki, connects with the universal healing energies and uses these for self-empowerment and healing of their whole being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. A Reiki practitioner is also able to assist other persons, or any living being, in their healing. A Reiki practitioner learns to create harmony, beauty, peace, love and joy in life, and shares this with the world. 

Almost every woman has, at one time or another, felt so fatigued she wanted to cry. But for some women, and for a variety of reasons - including menopause, caring for a new-born, working odd hours, chronic anxiety, and poverty, to name only a few - fatigue is a constant, not an occasional, problem. 


·          Stimulants don't really give us more energy, though they are what many women turn to when they feel too tired.  

·          Stimulants create false energy, leaving us more exhausted at deeper levels.  

·          One more cup of coffee, one more soft drink, one more jolt of fear increases energy, to be sure.  

·          But these choices also deplete our bones of their minerals, weaken our core energy, and prevent truly restful, restorative sleep.  

·          Even herbal stimulants, like cayenne and guarana, are, well, stimulants. They push us too hard and erode our long-term health. 

Are there ways to boost energy that are effective and healthy? My guide and Grandmother gave me some ideas of how to help myself when I feel bone-tired. And I gathered together the best remedies I know, plus the wisdom of my Wise Woman friends, so you can help yourself too, when you are too weary for words. 

"Fall into my arms and sleep," offers Grandmother. "You don't have to make things happen; they will happen on their own. Let me hold you. Let go. Don't resist. Rest! You are working hard. You are delving deep and changing yourself. Of course you are tired. Change is hard work. Rest in my strong arms, Let go. Give your weariness to me. Let go of all that worries you. Surrender yourself into my strength. Take courage from me. Let me support you. Let me ease you. Let go. Come let me hug you" 

Give yourself a break: every hour, take a 60-second break. Breathe deeply; stand up and stretch; drink a glass of water or some herbal infusion. Schedule a regular time to meditate or take a nap every day. Small frequent reiki self treatment help more than an extra hour of sleep; but do both if you can. 

reiki haling and pregnancy

Calling the reiki angels and the holy spirits for creating a new life 

I agree on communicative practices within the pair for finding a reconstructive way, if that is what both desire. But I also propose to call upon the Angels of relationships to ask for help, guidance, assistance and healing in this realm. 

It’s just a matter of concentrating in the voice within to open your self into greater receptivity to their assistance. Practice this for a few minutes daily as you release all your thoughts and feelings. Simply place the relationship in the hands of your Angels and let go. 

With your trust in Angels, your beau is also being helped. Pregnancy within a couple is all about the union of mind, body and soul. It’s the inner joy that reflects the pleasure of having one another and bearing a child. 

After you have passed this first step through the pathways to achieve sexual healing, both must concentrate on “the” issue, the rebirth of sexuality life.  

REIKI Exercises for you 

Here’s a simple exercise that anyone can do, even if they haven’t been ‘attuned’ to Reiki. But I advise that you get attuned to reiki 1 and 2. It requires a basic knowledge of channeling Reiki energy, the positions of the 7 primary chakras and a willingness to spend some time making someone else feel good 

Setting the tone

I like to create a nice atmosphere when doing Reiki. I usually light up some nice incense and for music as it is also designed to help open the heart chakra. I also like the internet radio station at 

Getting Started

Just lie down in a comfortable position and put a pillow under your knees to help take the strain off your lower back. 

Place one hand over your 3rd eye and the other over your 1st chakra. Now just relax and open up to the energy and let it flow down through the top of your head, through your heart chakra and out through your hands. Spend several minutes here, or until you feel like it’s time to change. 

Next move one hand up to your 2nd Chakra and the other down to your Throat Chakra. Spend as much time as you need here, and then move one hand down to your Heart Chakra and the other up to your Solar Plexus Chakra. After you finish here then just switch your hands around to your chakras at random and continue tuning them up for as long as you desire. 

Getting Deeper

These exercises can obviously be enhanced by using the Reiki Symbols and by having the Attunements. 

These exercises can also be enhanced by regularly practicing ‘The 5 Tibetans’ exercises also, as they help tune and rejuvenate your chakras also. 

There are so many things that can be done, both with Reiki and your Chakra System, and the point of this exercise is to help you balance your energy and feel better. It’s also about building up your own catalog of experience, as it’s pretty hard for any teacher to tell you what a certain exercise should feel like when you do it. I can tell you how it feels to ME when I do it, but it may feel differently to you when you do it yourself, so play with it and see how it feels. 

This is also about learning to trust yourself and your own feelings and the only way to do that is play with it and have fun. 

reiki angel

Pregnancy and self healing 

Before going further into this and for some of you who do not know or understand what I am talking about, let us identify and define both forms of healing, from my own point of view of course! 

Self-healing is the effect that a person can cause upon themselves, in terms of a manifestation when bringing his or her state of mind, either physical, or emotional, into perfect harmony and balance with the universal flow of energies to get him or herself into ‘normal’ state of being. We all have this power within ourselves even if we do not believe it is so. This can be practiced through praying or self-inflicted healing. 

We know that someone who is a ‘Spiritual Healer’ is someone who is normally referred to as being an ‘instrument’. This is so when souls from a different dimension to our own use the ‘instruments’ body as a channel to perform their work of spiritual healing. These ‘healing’ souls are sometimes called ‘spirit doctors’. They use their wisdom and knowledge from the universal flow of energies to manipulate a human being into a state of perfection. This is successful so long as no-one has been tampered with, in terms of having their body altered when having organs removed or by being operated upon. What is the cost of all of this? Well it’s FREE. So let’s explore all factors involved here. 

Who are those healers? A healer is a person that accepts the work of spirit souls or spirit doctors. The healer allows himself or herself to become an instrument for the wonderful work of spirit to be carried out through. To inform you, I personally am one of these healers. In my personal experience in working with healing for many years and being by working with my guides, I do believe the maximum time and what I feel is necessary to provide the energy to someone is no more than 15 minutes. Even this length of time can be too long in certain cases especially with babies. The reason is because healing usually takes effect according to the person who is receiving the healing them self. 

When someone falls into the handwork of a healer, it is not a coincidence, it is by choice unconsciously. Manifestation has to be carried out and healing will take place on other levels of our consciousness. It has to be done on a soul level, astral level, and subconscious level before it can ever manifest physically with that person. Those levels that we don’t see and might not be even aware of can be worked out before that person even meets up with his or her healer. Their meeting then becomes a mere formality to allow changes to take effect on the physical level. All work is usually carried out during their sleep state, except for the physical and can be done in case of what is called absent or distant healing. With all of that said, no healing should take place with the person’s Free Will of choice. 

Working with healing is the purest gift that a human being can achieve in one lifetime in terms of working with any form of Mediumship. I would like to make sure that you understand that it is not the power of the healer that is making the change in any situation it is the work of his or her assisted spirit doctors. 


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 "Dear PAM, Thank you very much for the attunement. I would like to add that I have been attuned by three Masters before in the traditional manner, but your attunement felt the most intense. In fact, even as I type this, I can feel the energy on my crown Chakra, 7 hours later! In fact it has not really left me all day!" Thank you, and God Bless.KAMALA."

Dear Pam, I really wanted to help the sick all my life; I knew it was somehow going to be my destiny, to be able to help others in need. I may want to teach in the future, but for now, you have made my dream come true ... I just want to say "Thank you!" Now I am a Reiki Master Teacher. FABRINA

Dear master PAM, I have been practicing Reiki (Level I) for about 9 years and just last week I was attuned to the other levels by you and Master Premila. It was quite an intense week! I physically and emotionally felt the Energy you were sending. On one specific occasion, I awoke and found my hands vibrating." LEILA

I can feel the energy flowing through my body, and my energy channels opening to accept the reiki attunement. It is the most amazing sensation. My husband said my palms were hot and he could feel a tingling sensation from my hand." - PASCALLE

"My whole life has changed for the better after receiving Attunement from Master Pam and Master Premila. Since then I have given Distance Reiki to friends who were pregnant and they have felt a tremendous difference in their lives too." - JENIFER





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