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Reiki - Self-Healing Energy during Pregnancy


Reiki is an ancient healing art using the life force energy. It is a hand on healing technique that anyone can use. What is the first thing that we do if we bang our toe? Our hands go immediately to the toe that hurts. It is an automatic response.

We always have our hands with us and once attuned to the Reiki energy it automatically flows through us throughout life. All we need to do is put our hands on the place that is in need of healing and the energy flows. The body's intelligences know how to use this energy to heal it.

 Reiki energy can be used in many ways to comfort and promote healing in our lives because it works on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. I use Reiki to centre, relax, and regenerate my own body. I use Reiki on babies to calm them when they are upset. When I first began using Reiki on myself, I was amazed at how calm it made me feel.

Reiki opens and balances the Chakras thus allowing a person to better cope with life situations that arise. During pregnancy the female body goes through a thousand of changes. In such a situation the woman goes sometime trough a lot of mental, physical and environmental pain. Here the chakra balancing done by a reiki 2 student or a reiki master is very beneficial.

Overworked muscles respond very quickly to Reiki. Giving and receiving Reiki on a regular basis keeps us healthy. With Reiki giving and receiving are the same because the energy flows through the practitioner first. Reiki is a wonderful healing gift to share. Give Reiki, Receive Reiki and enjoy the peace and happiness before, during and after pregnancy of reiki energy from the SOURCE.


reiki self healing

  • Touch is the most fundamental intuitive communication experience that we have, a basic universal need. 
  • Touch pre-dates language, is primal, and cuts through all languages. 
  • Touch is the animal’s language, essential to bond with others, and to express all emotions. 
  • We, too, express our emotions through touch. 
  • Feelings such as tenderness, anger, evoke energy from the body. 
  • Touch can be healing, exciting, provoking, endearing. 
  • It is dreamlike, builds trust, and evokes a lot of energy. 
  • Touch is an extrasensory energy, creating an aura field around the body. 
  • It is an honest form of communication, an intuitive means of communicating which takes us out of our cognitive experience which man is dependent upon. 
  • Touch is fresh and in the moment. 
  • There is no better gift you can give your beloved but the gift of touch i.e. the gift of reiki. 


Reiki is energy from God and is an extremely powerful healing energy for both mother and baby before and after delivery. It does not conflict with any other health care, but rather enhances its results. It does not interfere with traditional medical treatment, but facilitates benefits. Reiki speeds the healing process and provides a source of restoring energy while one is ill, under medical treatment, or in recovery. Reiki helps to recuperate the body original shape after birthing.


Reiki healing is a pure energy form. When it is combined with the sincere desire of the healee, who is willing to effect a cleansing within their emotional and spiritual consciousness, a total healing can occur.


Reiki is a wonderful tool for use at any moment, any time, anywhere for on-the-spot stress release, pain relief and quick energy. In short, Reiki is a holistic self-help technique for directing natural life force energy. Through Reiki you will experience the blessing of spiritual growth and change. Reiki is the divine grace of God, an immeasurable gift and a wonderful tool to help one develop conscious awareness, the very key to enlightenment for the baby in the womb of the mother.


As in most things in life, Reiki must be experienced to be appreciated. 




With the resurrection of Reiki in this age of mass and almost instantaneous communication, word of its power is quickly gaining the attention of the mainstream world. The mode of transmission of Reiki energy from a Reiki practitioner to a recipient was originally believed, by those interested in this art, to be limited by physical proximity.


The Reiki practitioner would place their hands gently on, or a few inches above the Reiki recipient's body. Upon further exploration of the potential of Reiki, "sending" the energy to the recipient or situation has proven to be just as beneficial as Reiki "hands-on" sessions. In fact, those who are too busy to carve out the time for a Reiki session can now go about their business while receiving the energy.


As a Reiki Master I have used distance or absentee healing and have directed Reiki energy to boardrooms, pets, surgical procedures, courtrooms, business offices, plants, sporting events and very often during birthing at the request of my customers.


healing energy

Reiki distance energy healing has become a viable option for those who would rather not have a "hands-on" session, are home bound, or simply don't have the time for a session. After experimenting with this mode of transmission, I was utterly amazed at the results.


One year of daily remote sessions to a seriously disabled arthritic friend ended up just about eliminating the crippling condition. Today this friend is not only employed, but is doing work that requires physical movement and stamina. As the power of Reiki spreads, individuals seeking Reiki energy now have more options in weaving treatments into their schedules and lifestyles.


One need not be mislead or intimidated by Reiki's foreign name. Reiki is called such because, as it happened, this old system of prayer and healing was again returned to mankind via a Japanese man called Dr. Usui. The name "Reiki" is Japanese because that was Dr. Usui's native language. This healing art was known and utilized long before its resurgence under a Japanese name. The divine is not concerned with nationality. When utilizing Reiki energy, one is merely tapping into the magnanimous love of the divine (God, life force, universe, Buddha or Christ force, etc). Famous ancient healers such as Jesus used the exact same source of energy as is used by "Reiki." Jesus once said that all he can do can be done by us and even more. The key ingredient is trust. As a Reiki Master, I have learned to trust in the goodness and intelligence of this energy. 





Dr anil kumar proag





 "Dear PAM, Thank you very much for the attunement. I would like to add that I have been attuned by three Masters before in the traditional manner, but your attunement felt the most intense. In fact, even as I type this, I can feel the energy on my crown Chakra, 7 hours later! In fact it has not really left me all day!" Thank you, and God Bless.KAMALA."

Dear Pam, I really wanted to help the sick all my life; I knew it was somehow going to be my destiny, to be able to help others in need. I may want to teach in the future, but for now, you have made my dream come true ... I just want to say "Thank you!" Now I am a Reiki Master Teacher. FABRINA

Dear master PAM, I have been practicing Reiki (Level I) for about 9 years and just last week I was attuned to the other levels by you and Master Premila. It was quite an intense week! I physically and emotionally felt the Energy you were sending. On one specific occasion, I awoke and found my hands vibrating." LEILA

I can feel the energy flowing through my body, and my energy channels opening to accept the reiki attunement. It is the most amazing sensation. My husband said my palms were hot and he could feel a tingling sensation from my hand." - PASCALLE

"My whole life has changed for the better after receiving Attunement from Master Pam and Master Premila. Since then I have given Distance Reiki to friends who were pregnant and they have felt a tremendous difference in their lives too." - JENIFER





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